Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Zombie Shirt

I'm currently on an out of town assignment in a small town. I got bored so I went to WalMart. I grew up in a rural southern area and this was the thing to do. So, I went back to my roots. Anyway, I rarely go there back in the northwest so I was pleasantly surprised to find this sweet little shirt:

First off, it's pink with lime green. Second, it's zombies. Third, it was $4.98! I know there are multiple reasons why this shirt is oh so wrong- corporate greed, abuse, and sweatshops but damn it's pink with lime green!

However, here are some issues:

Super long, a little on the thin side, and the sizes are extreme. Not your normal sizes. I couldn't wear the large and extra large is being tied in the back so it doesn't look like a tent.

Hope this helps!

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