Sunday, January 27, 2013

Daleks, Evil Overlords, and D.L. Carter

D. L. Carter is a writer, meme maker, and extraordinarily fun person to know. Her range is diverse in that she can go from regency romance to writing fantasy with one swift click of the mouse (yes, I used mouse, no, I will not acknowledge the "intelligent touchpad" see Facebook post for further explanation). I'm going to talk to her today about creativity, fantasy writing, and the Evil Overlord. I’ve had the pleasure of writing back and forth with her for several months on Facebook and have grown to really admire her creative posts and amusing memes. I just recently read an excerpt from one of her manuscripts and wanted more. Sadly, it’s still a work in progress.

Here is our interview:

D.L., how long have you been writing?

My mother tells me that when I was very young she would read me a story and I would ask what happened next. When she told me the story was over I would take the characters on new adventures. I think I was two.

Bad Husband thinks that women write romance because they are programmed that's what they are supposed to write, what do you think?

I made the economic decision to write romances because it is a multibillion dollar industry. Wait? Too practical? How about, I think a good story is well rounded. Adventure, character development. Excitement. And .... romance.

What is your current project and what inspired you to write it?

My current project is another regency. The Sins of The Brothers. I have three brothers. Enough said.

I've noticed from being your friend on Facebook that you have some awesome memes with the Evil Overlord, how did that happen and do you post them anywhere else?

It is frustrating when people - movie screen writers, other book writers, use blantantly obvious over used cliches to complicate their books. Phoey. If a five year old child can see your plot hole then fix the plot hole. (D.L.'s referring to the references in the memes)

As for The Overlord, otherwise known as my cat, Mighty Max, he is just too cute not to share. I don't post his photo anywhere else but Facebook. What you might not have noticed is the ongoing adventures of the Daleks verses the Duckie Planet - my online endless adventure that is a bi-weekly diarama involving all the action figures in the house.

When can we expect more awesome from you?

Coming this year, as per the request of my publisher Corvallis Press, I am alternating regencies with paranormals. First there will be Sins of the Brothers then the sequel to The Uses (my elvish universe) then the sequel - fingers crossed, to Ridiculous. I am hoping to squeeze in the sequel to First Destroy All Giant Monsters, which is entitled DO NOT AWAKEN THE ANCIENT EVIL - YOU MORON. That is going to be fun.

What advice would you give to writers or anyone else trying to pursue their dreams?

There is an old joke - two people disturb a bear and start running. One says to the other, what are we going to do? We can't outrun the bear! The other says, But I only have to outrun you! This is not supposed to be a suggestion that I have to win over other writers but that the writers you see out there are those that keep running. If you stop writing, stop going to conferences and meeting agents, If you stop trying of course you will never get published.

CHECK OUT D.L.'s books!

I think we may been    separated at birth. 

D.L. has graciously offered to give away a signed copy of Ridiculous! Her best selling regency romance novel. Comment below or share this blog on Facebook for a chance to win! Also, like her fan page.

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  1. Love the keep running comment at the end. I can't wait to read all of these books by you, D.L. Big fan!! Keep the funny stuff coming.

    Ann Charles

  2. I love the idea that a good, well-rounded story contains romance. I've never written much romance into my stories, but lately I've been realizing what a great depth it can add, and what a true part it actually is in life.

    I'm still not likely to write a novel with romance as the driving force of the plot, but I've definitely enjoyed reading that more than I ever did. I'm off to go check out your books, D.L.!