Monday, November 25, 2013

Feed the Zombies: An All You Can Read Feast

A great way to start the holiday season!!
The day before you stuff yourself with Turkey, head on over to the zombie lover event of the year.


First Activation - D. A. Wearmouth 

Autumn: The Human Condition - David Moody

Last Bastion of the Living - Rhiannon Frater

The Infection - Craig DiLouie

Domain of the Dead- Iain McKinnon

Downfall and Betrayal - Michael S Gardner

The Forgotten - Jackie Druga

Six Feet From Hell: Crisis - Joseph A. Coley

Game of Straws Origins - SB Knight

Beyond the Barriers - Tim W. Long 

Fish to Die For (666 Fish) - Keith Milstead

The Undead Situation - Eloise J. Knapp

Roms, Bombs & Zoms (A Three Little Words Anthology) - Katie Cord (Evil Girlfriend Media)

Epic Apocalypse - Apocalyptic Box Set ($1.99) James Cook, John O'Brien, Joe McKinney, Armand Rosamilia, Heath Stallcup, Shawn Chesser, and Mark Tufo

A little about EGM's submission for the event:

Get the book here!

When hearts rot, fuses ignite. 

Super geek gets the girl, a righteous preacher and his undead wife, fantastical zombies, the tantric art of zubbing, mindless hive workers, and traditional flesh eating walkers, this anthology has a bit of everything. Our twisted tales pull you into the darkest of darks, where hope is lost, and sustaining life is no simple feat. 

Twenty-one authors congealed romance, bombs, and zombies into stories that are diverse, witty, and occasionally gut-wrenching. Travel through time to walk in alternate histories, visit magical realms, and face down pestilence that will literally rot your insides. This collection is sure to warm your cold, dead, heart. 

Stories by Ken MacGregor, Patrick D’Orazio, Randy Henderson, and Kriscinda Lee Everitt, among others.

This will be a fun event! Come by and talk to the authors. 

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