Saturday, March 16, 2013

Guest Blog: Sara Brooke

"My joy in life is to entertain you."

So, I've given over my blog to Ms. Sara Brooke again! She talks today about why people will like her novels. I agree. She writes things I like to read. Currently, you can find her books published by Biting Dog Press.

Sara lives in southern Florida. She's a lifelong avid reader of all things scary, and her childhood dream was to write horror books that force readers to sleep with their lights on. Her influences and favorite authors include Bentley Little, John Saul, William Blackstone, and Joe McKinney.

From Sara

You should read my novels, if…

     The other day, someone asked me a very strange question.  It wasn’t about my novels, or why I started writing, or where I want to be one day with all of this “writing stuff”.  The question was more personal and struck a deep chord within me. 

      “Who should read your novels?” 

      When I heard those words, everything stopped for a moment.  In a glimpse of an eye, I saw the little girl I once was, red curly hair, seated on the floor of a local library.  Surrounded by books with different creepy and fantastical covers, I was a reader in heaven.  So many mysteries to uncover, so many dark hallways to tread through…

That’s who should read my novels.  To put it more specifically, you should read my books if:

  • ·         You’ve ever had to justify to someone why you like horror novels and movies

  • ·         You enjoy the  macabre and strange

  • ·         You know there just has to be more to life than meets the eye

  • ·         Someone called you crazy for enjoying things that most people can’t bear to watch for    even a minute because they would never sleep again

  • ·         You believe in the supernatural or the idea that we are not alone

    When you read a Sara Brooke novel, you should feel a sense of excitement and expectancy.  My books always go down that dark alley that your parents warned you about, take you into the unbridled passions of people caught up in nightmares or temptations, and try to surprise as much as possible.
Dear readers, my joy in life is to entertain you.  Your eyes on my words are a gift.  The fact that you are reading this post right now is sending chills right down my spine.  It is strange to know that at any time, there is someone just like me, who prefers a good, juicy novel at times when life is stressful or boring.  Someone who just wants to disconnect and dive into another world.

My books are an escape.  

Dive in…and enjoy.

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Best Wishes,

Katie Cord
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